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From Cars to Collectibles, the Volo Auto Museum is a Wild Ride

Millionaire Corner Posted on 2015-06-26

The Volo Auto Museum attracts 250,000 visitors a year. The population of Volo in 2013 was 3,634. If you build it, they will come” is a line immortalized in “Field of Dreams.” That was a fantasy. The Volo Auto Museum is a real slice of heaven located about two hours from Chicago, proving that when it comes to one-of-a-kind attractions, accessibility is way overrated. The name is a misnomer. The auto museum is much more than a museum and displays much more than cars. It comprises an antiques mall featuring 500 dealers. There is an impressi...

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Volo Auto Museum Will Continue To Display Confederate Flag Emblazoned General Lee Car From Dukes Of Hazzard

(CBS) Posted on 2015-06-24

— There is more fallout in the Confederate flag debate: Warner Brothers says it will no longer license “Dukes of Hazzard” toys featuring the General Lee – the 1969 Dodge Charger with a Confederate flag on top. Also part of the conversation now: Illinois’ Volo Auto Museum in Lake County, which displays one of the original General Lees used in the show. The General Lee on display at the Volo Auto Museum is the only one of the several cars used as the General Lee in that first season of the “Dukes of Hazzard” to survive – unrestored. “This...

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Volo Auto Museum pirate show find prompts robotics reunion

NORTHWEST HERALD Posted on 2015-05-27

VOLO – When the Grams family ran across a robotic pirate show on eBay, the Volo Auto Museum founders had no idea the odyssey that lay ahead. They just knew their visitors would love it, and they had to have it.   For $3,500, museum Director Brian Grams bought the item – a former amusement park amenity that features life-size animatronic pirates, a piano and a talking, squawking parrot all on an elevated, red velvet-curtain-enveloped stage. “We went and picked it up in Indiana. As it turned out, making it functional was not as inexpens...

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Volo Auto Museum adds tractor, snowmobile, scooter, marine exhibits

NORTHWEST HERALD Posted on 2015-05-23

VOLO – Volo Auto Museum has added several new attractions during the offseason for this summer. Exhibits are ever-changing at the year-round attraction at 27582 Volo Village Road in Volo. But visitors this summer will find the museum famous for its classic, muscle and Hollywood cars has expanded to include even more of the something-for-everyone variety. “We’ve made so many changes,” said Brian Grams, museum director. “We added a vintage snowmobile collection, a tractor collection, a marine collection and, of course, our pirate show – ...

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St. Jude to benefit from Volo's Night at the Museum

NORTHWEST HERALD Posted on 2015-03-25

VOLO – Participants in an upcoming charity walk not only will benefit a great cause, but also will enjoy a first-ever after-hours glimpse of an area landmark.   Costumers With a Cause is hosting a Night at the Museum at 7 p.m. April 3 at the Volo Auto Museum, 27582 Volo Village Road, to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The Costumers are donating their time, and museum officials are providing the setting free of charge, so every penny raised goes to the charity. At least 44 superheroes, comic book characters, princesses a...

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You could win 'Back to the Future' DeLorean if prediction comes true

Daily Herald Posted on 2015-03-03

  The 1989 film "Back to the Future Part II" predicted it, its star character Marty McFly planned to bet on it, and now Volo Auto Museum is making it the centerpiece of a contest. The auto museum will give away an exhibition model DeLorean made famous in the "Back to the Future" series if the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in 2015, the museum announced Monday.   Brian Grams, director of the auto museum at 27582 Volo Village Road, said its 1981 DeLorean features all of the movie car's props, including a mock flux-capacitor that enabl...

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Volo Auto Museum Gets Elvis’ Custom Cadillac

(CBS) Posted on 2014-12-19

CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois’ Volo Auto Museum has a new addition for its “Cars of the Rich and Famous,” collection. “We’ve been looking for the right Elvis Car to add to our collection,” Volo director Brian Grams said. He stumbled across Elvis Presley’s custom-made pink and white Cadillac station wagon while doing a Google search that led him to a classified ad. “I clicked on it and as I’m reading the description, it was Elvis’ car,” he said. “Cadillac never made a station wagon. He bought a four-door sedan and had it customized into a sta...

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Keith Dean, Drag-U-La creator visits Volo Auto Museum

Chicago Now Posted on 2014-11-03

During the recent visit to the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, IL, we were there to help Celebrate 50 years of The Munsters and got to meet Hall Of Fame Car Customizer Keith Dean, builder of the Barris Customs Munster Koach & Drag-U-La. Keith gave fabrication demonstrations, and parade led by Keith in Drag-U-La around the complex of the museum. The Volo auto museum was not at all what I had expected. As we got closer we started seeing signs directing us to our destination. As we pulled into a residential subdivision and I started to wonder ...

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Hollywood Wheels: At "Volo Auto Museum" Interview: With Museum Director

Manny Popoca Posted on 2014-09-26 and MannysPlace Media have got a treat for our readers. Thanks to Brian Grams (Hollywood Car Director) and his Father Greg Grams (Owner of Volo Auto Museum) we got an exclusive tour and interview with one of the greatest movie Meccas of all time! The Volo Auto Museum! Located in Volo, Illinois. I myself personally Have been to Volo quite a few times and each time it was a blur of awesomeness!! Being able to be so close to some of the most iconic movie and TV cars in history just gives you goose bumps!! Let's begin with ...

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Rentals Coming to Volo

Posted on 2014-01-01

Attention, thrill-seekers! Adrenaline-pumping rentals coming to Volo For immediate release Contact: Brian Grams, director, Volo Auto Museum 815-385-3644;   Attention, thrill-seekers! Adrenaline-pumping rentals coming to Volo   VOLO Yearning to experience the power of iconic muscle, but not quite accelerating toward ownership?   Classic car aficionados will have the chance to do more than drool over the vehicular jewels at the Volo Auto Museum Oct. 4-5 and Oct. 10-12, when the official GEM Tour roars into town. GEM...