The Music Room

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Music.

Volo music room mortier dance orchestra

Mortier Dance Hall Orchastra

This incredible 91 note self playing orchastra spent its life at the Crystal Palace Dance Hall, in Belgium, before being purchased by a private collector who spent $350,000 on restoring it to its current beauty and sound.  Saddly the collector passed away before the restoration was completed and he was never able to hear its beautiful music.  The machine came to life once again after being imported to the US and displayed at our museum where you can hear it for yourself.

1927 Steinway Duo-Art, Art Case Grand Piano

It is a rare that one has the oppertunity to hear a properly restored Steinway Duo-Art Reproducing Grand Piano these days.  These Duo-Art grand pianos amazingly recreate the intricate expression and dynamics of a real pianist.  They sound completly human.

1923 Accordeo Boy

This very rare Accordeo Boy is 1 of only 2 in the US.  It was imported from France where it spent its days playing music and entertaining patrons of French Bistros.  Imagine sitting along the French Riviera sipping on a glass of wine while he plays his beautiful music for you.