Bizarre Cars

Many cars in the collection are unique but these cars are truely bizzare.

soul train

Michael Jackson Soul Train

This unique train was built from scratch by Hot Rod Hall Of Famer, Jay Ohrberg.  It is made from steel and yes, it runs! 
piano car

Johnny Cash Git-Tar

Have you ever seen a Guitar that is 28 feet long and will go 140 MPH?
charlies tramp

Charlies Tramp

This tribute to Charlie Chaplin is a functional running driving car sculpted from steel and not fiberglass.
git tar

Piano Car

When this car is in need of a tune up you need to call a mechanic and a musician. For a couple of quarters you can hear the piano play.
roller skate

The Roller Skate Car

Yes, it does drive.  Powered by a Chevy small block, it's the worlds fastest roller skate.
roller skate

14 Feet Tall

This roller skate is 14 feet tall, there is a ladder inside the heel the driver has to climb to get to the drivers compartment at the top.